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And baby makes FIVE!

I had the pleasure of meeting with this family not once but twice! They arrived on a Thursday morning with their sweet little family in tow. Missing from the crew was Mimi and Papap a.k.a~ Grandma and Grandpa, who's flight was delayed.

Each newborn session brings uniqueness with it. Each session can go a multitude of different ways, you never know what you're gonna get, as you can imagine when your boss is a teeny, tiny, hungry little 6 lb. ball of sweetness who is totally new to this LIFE outside of mommy thing! But I got lucky because Paxton was the sweetest little tiny guy ever! And he LOVED to smile!

Each newborn

session brings

uniqueness with it.

My newborn sessions always contain a flair of natural, organic(ness). With girls, I love adding flowers, but with boys I needed a fresh new idea and just a few days before Paxton made his appearance at my studio I came across the most fabulous bowl at Home Goods! It's THE most perfect prop ever! I absolutely love the uniqueness!

I'm in love with this photo because I feel like it portrays just a little bit what sweet little Paxton looked like curled up safe and warm inside his mommy's tummy! When each of my babies were born, I always would squish them together and try to imagine them inside still. It's nearly impossible to wrap your brain around the miracle that these tiny little babies are!

Because Mimi and Papap weren't able to make it on Thursday, I invited them all back to see me at my studio on Saturday morning, it was important to me to take these pictures! They are all such a beautiful, kind, loving family and I loved spending both sessions with them!

Thank you Williamson family for allowing me to capture these beautiful memories for you and giving me a glimpse into your sweet family!

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