About Us

My love of photography started at a very young age.  My best friend and I used to take turns modeling and taking pictures of each other with a film camera.  We'd then bring it in to the print lab and wait patiently for them to be printed!  We had so much fun styling these shoots!  From clothing choices to accessories, we didn't miss a thing!  


Being the youngest of 5, I had lots of opportunities to play dress up with my nieces and nephews, styling photo shoots with them!  My need to create art has followed me all throughout my life ranging from photography, sewing, painting, refurbishing, designing bridal hairpieces and bouquets and the list could go on!  I grew up knowing I wanted to be a famous singer, actor or a famous artist.... the famous singer/actor thing didn't really pan out (shocking, I know)... or the "famous" part of the artist thing.... But I AM an artist and for that I am so grateful and happy that one of my childhood dreams has truly come true!

14 years ago, when my first child was born is when my photography journey really began.  I was constantly setting up shoots with my little guy with my point and shoot!  I have honed my skills over the last 14 years but my desire turned into a NEED to become a professional when my 4th (and last) child was born.  I committed to styling and doing monthly photo shoots of her and eventually that turned into photo shoots for friends and family.  

I love creating beautiful family memories and art through portrait photography.  My goal is always to create unique and artistic images of your family that will be treasured for generations! 

Krissa Burke