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Sweet Baby Skyler

Nothing beats the smell of fresh baby. Their sweet, soft skin and tiny little features are the best!

I love working with my tiny clients! They give me the baby fix I need and then I get to hand them back when they have a diaper explosion!

Nothing Beats the

Smell of Fresh Baby!

Little Skyler was so much fun, she was sweet, sleepy and so relaxed and she gave her parents the special gift of her first explosive diaper to date in her 2 weeks of life. I assured them they should look forward to many.... many more of those! Their cuteness makes up for all of that though!

One of my favorite things to do as a newborn photographer is designing baby girls sets. I love adding soft touches like flowers, lace, layers and texture. These soft touches are what defines my style! When you book your session, you know I will spend time dreaming and designing a session custom tailored just for you!

Thank you Muller Family for trusting me with your most prized possession in the world and for allowing me to capture these precious, fleeting memories of teeny, tiny Skyler! I look forward to working with your family as she grows!

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